Meet RICC Captain Andy Melo

Captain Andy Melo '18 is a free safety from Georgetown, Ontario. Hear Andy's thoughts about the upcoming 2017 football season. 

Meet RICC Captain Chase Ellingson

Captain Chase Ellingson '18 is a cornerback from Swan River, Manitoba. Hear what Chase has to say about the upcoming 2017 Knights football season. 

Meet RICC Captain Jakub Horacek

Captain Jakub Horacek '18 is a quarterback from Brno, Czech Republic. Find out what Jakub thinks of his Knights football team so far. 

Meet RICC Captain Josh Carpenter

Captain Josh Carpenter '18 is a running back from Leeds, England, and is also the Knights' kicker/punter. Hear Josh's thoughts on the upcoming 2017 season. 

Meet RICC Captain Riley Boersma

Captain Riley Boersma '18 is a wide receiver from Hillsburgh, Ontario. Hear what Riley thinks going into the 2017 Knights football season. 

Meet RICC Head Coach Joe Hagins

Joe Hagins comes to the Knights after playing high school football in Georgia, university football for Purdue, professionally for the Hamilton Tiger-cats, and coaching for 24 seasons. Learn more about Coach Hagins here. 

Meet RICC Coach Mike Carubba

Coach Mike Carubba played quarterback at the next level in Canada, USA, and Europe. Now he joins RICC as the offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach. Hear Coach Carubba's thoughts on the upcoming football season. 

Meet RICC Coach Riley Herechuk

Coach Riley Herechuk joins the RICC Knights to coach the offensive line. Find out what he has to say about the Knights football program. 

Meet RICC Coach Armando Gomes

Coach Armando Gomes comes to the Knights from Brazil. Hear his thoughts on the upcoming 2017 football season. 

Meet RICC Coach Kirstyn Carruthers

Former Acadia linebacker Kirstyn Carruthers leads the Knights' strength and conditioning program. Find out what Coach Carruthers thinks about the RICC prep school program. 

Meet RICC's Medical Staff

Hear from the athletic therapists, trainers, and medical staff who help to keep RICC's football team healthy. 

Meet the 2017 Royal Imperial Knights

With representatives from four continents, the RICC Knights are a talented and diverse team. Get to know the players here. 

2017 Promotional Video

Promotional video for Royal Imperial Collegiate of Canada's football program 

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Royal Imperial Collegiate of Canada ( offers a unique prep boarding school experience in St. Catharines, Ontario. The school's football team, the Royal Imperial Knights, play a full American football schedule in the US and train for football all year round. Get an exclusive inside look at this unique football academy program designed to help student-athletes get to the next level.